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OTA eLearning Solutions Subscription Service

The OTA eLearning Solutions Subscription Service gives you unlimited use of a complete library of training courses for one low monthly rate.

With more than 40 titles in the library, and more added regularly, you'll never run out of content for your driver training programs. And with content available in multiple forms – full length courses, mini-module refreshers, and standalone knowledge tests – you'll have the flexibility you need to handle orientation, remedial training, and ongoing driver development. You can even add your own content if you like.

See the full list of modules currently included in the Subscription Service.

Staying Organized

The Subscription Service isn't just a library of content modules, though - it also includes a full featured Learning Management System so you can easily assign training programs, keep track of progress, and measure results. A variety of reports show you who's done what, and regular email updates keep you in the loop even when you're not logged in.

What Members Say

See and hear what people are saying about CarriersEdge, the heart of the OTA eLearning Solutions Subscription Service.


The OTA eLearning Solutions Subscription Service is available to members at substantially discounted rates - just $4 per driver per month!

That's right - a fleet of 50 drivers pays only $200/month for the whole thing. For larger fleets, the deal gets even better – sign up 200 drivers or more and it's just $3 per driver per month.

Not sure you want to sign up all your drivers? No problem!

Start with a smaller group and add more as you need them. With the flexible pricing, so you can increase or decrease your user count as you need, and you're never paying for licenses you don't use.

Contract terms are just as attractive – because there isn't one! The service is month-to-month, only requiring 30 days' notice to cancel, so you're not locked in to any long term commitments.

OTA eLearning Solutions Subscription Service – all the tools you need for a complete driver training program, in one easy-to-manage toolbox.

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OTA eLearning Solutions Marketplace

The OTA eLearning Solutions Marketplace makes it easy to buy just the courses you
need, right when you need them.

Have 3 people that need logbook training?
No problem! How about 4 TDG and 2 WHMIS? That's no problem either!

With the OTA eLearning Solutions Marketplace, you can take care of all those just-
in-time training needs conveniently and cost-effectively.

Available Courses

The Marketplace includes titles covering all the most common driver training needs, including:

Testing, Tracking, and Certificates

In addition to outstanding instructional content, courses in the Marketplace also track all activities and validate learning with comprehensive final tests in each module.

Once drivers have finished their assigned courses, you can easily print wallet cards, certificates, and complete training histories for their driver files.

What Members Say

"There is a great selection of learning material and information to choose from in the Marketplace and it was very easy to sign up employees for more course as they are required. We have also had great feedback from the employees taking the courses that they were very informative and easy to use." Paul Knill
General Manager

Plays Well with Others

Have your own in-house online training system? The Marketplace can work with that as well! With some simple integration, all the courses in the Marketplace can be available to your drivers through your existing Learning Management System. Keep track of all activity with your existing reporting tools, and pay only for the courses you use. It's the best of both worlds.


Marketplace courses are priced individually, which prices as low as $35 per course for OTA members. If that wasn't enough, regular customers receive purchase discounts, so that price can get even cheaper!

OTA eLearning Solutions Marketplace – the tools you need, right when you need them.

More Information

For more information, call 866-530-2430 or mail us at

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Classroom courses are also delivered regularly at OTA's office. Get more info here.